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Avalanche Beacons

Avalanche BeaconPieps DSP Digital Avalanche Beacon

FREE 3 DAY SHIPPING - Within the USA, and FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING (regular international) outside the US. Use coupon code PIEPSDSP.

Equipped with the latest firmware version 8.2.

Comes complete with the latest model black harness, manual and DVD instructional video.

The Pieps Digital DSP Avalanche Beacon is the first beacon ever to display the number of victims. It just also happens to be the hottest selling beacon we've ever had! Quantities are limited, so order right away to avoid backorders.

Free Shipping to both the
US & Canada!

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Want to know more? Read the product data sheet.
Avalanche BeaconPieps Freeride Avalanche Beacon
FREE GROUND SHIPPING - For a limited time we are offering free ground shipping to US destinations on your Pieps Freeride order. Use coupon code FREERIDE.

Equipped with the latest firmware, version 2.6, and comes with the latest model black harness.

An affordable high-tech beacon for everyone. The Pieps Freeride is a fully digital, single antenna avalanche transceiver designed for resort skiers who adventure off the beaten path from time to time. Small and lightweight, you never have to go skiing without your Pieps. #495-012

Avalanche BeaconPieps iProbe Avalanche Probe
Known as the "smart probe", Pieps iProbe, a carbon avalanche probe with integrated digital technology, provides a hit and proximity reading of every standard beacon transmitter and enables a short-time deactivation of the detected transmitter (in the case of transceivers with iPROBE support).

The first tone is emitted (piep, piepů) and the LED illuminates when the tip of the probe is about 2 meters from the transmitting beacon. At a distance of about 50 cm, a continuous acoustic tone (pieeeep) is emitted and the LED remains continuously illuminated. If the transmitting beacon supports the iProbe function, the rescuer can deactivate it by pressing the MARK button (probe handle). By pressing the MARK button again for a longer time or by removing the iProbe tip from the vicinity of the transmitting beacon (>50 cm), the deactivated transmitting beacon is activated once more. #495-013
Avalanche BeaconSurvival On Snow (SOS) F1-ND Avalanche Transceiver Beacon
On backorder until August 2008.

The SOS F1-ND now has seven volume ranges instead of five, giving it the best audio signal of any analog beacon on the market. Changes in volume make it simple to determine how accurately you are aligned with the flux line and help you sense your proximity to a buried victim.

SOS has also increased the number of magnitude LED's from three to seven, which gives it a clearer visual signal when searching.

The F1-ND's LED's begin indicating a signal long before any other beacon gives any visual clues. This gives the F1-ND a greater "usable" range than other beacon when audio signals are very weak. The combination of superior audio and visual signals make staying lined up with the flux line easier than with any other analog beacon. #753-720
Avalanche BeaconSurvival On Snow (SOS) "SB" Avalanche Transciever Beacon
Same dependable quality as the F1-ND, but with added function of locating a the "bug devices". After locating and recovering all avalanche victims, push the recessed "bug button" and enter the SB search channel for locating "bug devices". The distinctive clicking sound identifies that you are searching for the bug device. Follow the DSL Bar Graph to lead you to your Bug.

Transmit and receive frequencies are digitally controlled for exacting tolerances. The digitally driven DSL produces the fastest most reliable directional and visual display.

Directional Sensing LED bar graph (DSL) visually indicates search direction and is combined with superior audio tones, giving the searcher full control to isolate and pinpoint multiple burials.

The 7 position LED signals user when to adjust range dial and keeps you moving fast and on the flux line. Simply let the lights lead you to the buried victim. #753-746
More Avalanche Beacons Available at
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